I'm still pregnant.  Yes, what a beautiful thing. Eli's growing so big and strong and healthy.

TWO weeks of contractions under 10 minutes apart now, and I'm ready to pull my hair out.

With my blood pressure issues, I can't go "walk" without being cautious, and it's a little stressful in itself to only have "relaxation" as a tool to help things along.

My little brother and his wife have been here.  They're helped ease the stress of housework and meals and stubborn kids while I try to stay relaxed... but being asked "how you feeling" a hundred times a day, when you're on a down side of an emotional roller coaster... not fun.  God bless them, they only have my comfort in mind with all the love in the world... but I just feel like it should be obvious "how" I feel lol.

At about 10am yesterday, contractions were 2min apart, lasting 60-90 seconds and the discomfot I felt was indicitive of "any minute now".  I was dialated to 3cm and bag of waters is bulging out.  Still pregnant.  I sat down with my husband to discuss the option for him to "help" things along either by A: DTD or B: Help me check and see my progress, or maybe do a sweep.  For such a giant bear, he's very skittish heh.  I have been unable to check myself since yesterday due to the contractions.

Right now, we're praying for a "pop", "gush", or even a trickle...

I just thought I'd update everyone.  Please forgive my absence, but even if I hadn't had family here, I don't particularly feel like subjecting anyone to my emotional state. 

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