I've been married 11 years now to an amazing man and have an 11 year old little girl that is amazing as well. They both take care of me when I should be the one taking care of them because I was diagnosed with RA a year ago at 28 years old. So far nothing has helped to reduce the inflamtion or pain. I've been on prednisone, methotrexate, embrell, humira and when none of those worked my prednisone that I've been on for a year was increased which makes me blow up like a blowfish. I was told that rituxin would be the next step, however it would not be safe to concieve while on this medication, and the side affects are scary, so after a month with no meds, and all of my joints swollen and in horrible pain, I've been doing acupunture, massage and chiropractic care and none of it works. So I've decided to go back on the embrell which is the only medication I've been on that has had any affect on the RA to reduce some of the inflamtion, swelling and stiffness, and my husband and I are going to try to concieve and perhaps that will put it into remission for a while. My only fears are that it wont or I will have a horrible flare up after delivery and have a hard time caring for my baby, that is why it has been such a hard decision to make, but I've been wanting to have another baby for a long time now, so if it's Gods will then we'll see what happens. I can only hope that along with pregnancy comes remission and perhaps it will continue for a whole after delivery, I become hopeful becuase I can't remember what it's like to be without pain, to walk without each step hurting and being so aware of how i put my foot down so it doesn't cause pain. Last night my wrist was in so much pain I couldn't start the car or even use a fork to eat. The pain in my shoulders make it so hard to sleep and the pain in my knees and ankles is awful. I'd like to start walking and exercising again but I'm in constant pain and have no energy still, I pray that some thing will work and at some point I can get some relief.

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