Ok so my daughter leilani is in a photo contest on facebook....I have a big time competition it ends the 30th but I really want her to win! its for a photoshoot with a awesome photographer!!!

You just follow this link..."like Brenda K's Page" Than like Leilanis photo!

Here is the deal for every person you get to like it...have them put a comment at the bottom like for examplke for a debbie chow DB sent me!!! But make sure they likee the photo only lieks count but comments with initials will keep tally of how many you refered! Whoever has the most refers to like leilanis photo will win a $50.00 gift card of there choice!!!Get all your friends and family its quick simple and only takes a few minutes!!!And is soooo appreciated!

I will also be giving a $15.00 starbucks giftcard to a random "like" on December 1st I will do a random selection from a online software program!!!





Help me help leilani WIN!

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