Normally, I plan my journals on here as well as my blogs on my website... but today, I just feel like rambling.  lol.  So I am going to :)

I am now between 23 and 24 weeks and things are getting lively.  At least in my tummy.  My little man jumps around like crazy in my stomach and it looks like an alien lol.... It's exciting to my other children to see and feel it... even though my 9 year old is treating it like "nothing new."  I have a nice little bump going, even though it could be worse.  Most people think I am nuts right now, working FT, volunteering at the school 10 hrs a week (on average) and being a board member at the little league... which means I am ALWAYS there.  lol.  but I have never been happier.  I love being busy... but now I am ready to move onto something a little more relaxing.  lol.  Little league ends this week until January and February... so I will be able to rest some during that time, but I am thinking I am not going to do tooo much next season (*since I will be having a baby), then next year, I don't think I will opt to be a homeroom parent lol.  I much rather help out as needed than be expected to do things. 

On to other things... for those of you who don't know, I moved in with my parents in September (my hubby and our 3 kids) to be able to get "back on our feet"  well... we are pretty much back on our feet and we're more than ready to get the hell out!  lol.  Although, my mother has been a tremendous help and my father has assisted us when we have been tight with money... I still don't think living with them is the answer.  lol.  We're down to less than $2k left to pay off!  Then we are completely debt free!  Funny thing is... even though we're almost debt free... we still don't have credit and can't get any.  ROFLMAO!  Apparently, you must be IN DEBT in the US in order to have a good credit history.  :D   Sucky... but we'll overcome this as well.  We're looking for a mortgage now for an AWESOME home in our community that is low in price but high in quality.  Cross your fingers and/or pray for us.   If we don't buy, we're going to have to rent again... which will be double what a mortgage would be to live in the same area... but we don't want to move out of that area....  it's a GREAT area. 

I guess that's really all that has been going on in my life.  I am happy enough... but I keep thinking there is something waiting for me "just around the river bend" and I want to hurry up and get there already.  lol.  My husband feels it now too, so maybe it's a new home... one that is ours.  Maybe it's just a nicer home to rent... I don't know but I will remain positive that God will guide us where we need to be. 

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