PrePaid Legal has been in business since 1972, trades on the New York Stock Exchange, and had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We've also been named in Forbes Magazine again !

1)  We have no competition.  Translation:  Even if you have zero sales experience and don't come from a business background, you're good - we'll teach you how to follow a simple system of sharing you can help us enroll the 85 million households in North America which are expected to enroll for a Pre-Paid Legal plan over the next few years (with or without you).  

2)  No convincing necessaryTranslation: Since you can't get a Pre-Paid Legal membership from anyone other than a Pre-Paid Legal Associate, you won't have to convince folks to enroll with you rather than 180 similar companies offering a similar service (because they don't exist).  Besides, 80% of everyone you know will be enrolling for a Pre-Paid Legal membership, statistically, in the coming years anyway.   

3)  The timing is perfect.  Translation:  It's taken 38 years for Pre-Paid Legal to reach 2-3% market penetration in North America.  In Europe, the concept has been around for over 100 years, and it's at about 80% market penetration.  History has shown that once a company reaches 2-3% market acceptancy, critical mass is achieved, and momentum follows.  Experts are saying our company will grow more in the next 3-5 years than the last 35 years combined.  


4)  Make a living while making a difference.  Translation:  Each time you enroll a new member, you're giving them affordable access to the legal system - a system 80% can't access when they need it today.  Empowering people to call their attorneys for everyday life events can save them money, time, stress and grief, while helping them make better personal, financial and business decisions for their future.  That feels GOOD.    

5)  Get paid daily.  Translation:  Pre-Paid Legal direct-deposits commissions into our bank accounts Monday - Friday.  We get bills every day, don't we?  It's great to get paid every day, too. =)   

6)  Home business tax benefits.  Translation: If you're a W-2 employee now, about 50% of your income is deducted for taxes.  Part-time home business owners can deduct business related expenses throughout the year (mortgage/rent, auto, miles, telephone, internet, travel, eating out, etc.)...which means you'll be able to keep more of what you're earning with your full-time career while building a solid future on a part-time basis.   Check with your accountant - they'll recommend it!  

7) You'll save moneyTranslation:  Pre-Paid Legal's home business opportunity is normally $249 plus your own membership.  For a very limited time, we're able to SAVE YOU $100 by offering you the opportunity to get started for only $149 plus your membership.  This special promotion ENDS at the end of this month.  Don't miss out!   Doesn't it just make sense to pay less for the same opportunity while you can?  (Yep!) 

8)  You'll be set up.  Translation:  A significant enhancement to Pre-Paid Legal's compensation plan began November 1st.  Once again, they're adding even MORE money...which means we earn even more for doing the same thing to build our business. (Q: Why?  A: Because PPL can afford to, and they're always just so good to us!)   It's great - we actually earn significant bonuses for helping folks get paid and promoted!  Ha!  Wouldn't it be neat if Corporate America worked like that?      

9)  More time freedomTranslation:  Helping just a few new members enroll per month can generate an extra $300-$1000 for you each month.  That extra cash could mean less time spent at your job, and more time doing what you want, with whom you want.  The extra cash could replace a spouse's part-time job so he/she can stay home with the kids...and help provide a better quality of life for your family from home.  As you enroll people for the service, some may decide they'd also like to earn by referring this service to others!  They join your team, and when they earn, you earn even more...whether you were there or not.  Leverage.   

10)  Opportunity for personal growth.  Translation:  It's not just about what you earn, it's about who you become.  We don't only teach how to get paid, we train how to become the best at who YOU are.  When your finances grow and you have more time freedom in your life, you're able to focus on things which are important to you - children, charities, church, etc.  You're in business for yourself, but not by yourself...our entire team is here to cheer you on toward your biggest goals each step of the way.

I can help you get started or get more info to you ! 

Mary Jacobs - Independent PrePaid Legal Associate  




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