Some days we wake up ready to take on the world. Other days we can barely drag ourselves out of bed and resort to coffee and sugar to make it through the day. Everybody has those days, but don't you wish they were few and far between?

Who sometimes wishes for superpowers to get through the day to be able to finish eveything on your to- do list. There is a way for you to feel like you have super powers. Try reaching for some superfoods to give you the energy you need to feel healthier. Superfoods are nutrient dense foods found in nature that are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help us maintain optimal health and fight off disease.

Blueberries are a super food due to their high levels of vitamin C, antioxidant content and have been shown to lower the risk  of certain cancers and heart-disease. Other superfoods include: seaweeds, spirulina, coconut, kale, wheat grass, quinoa, goji berries, raw honey and cacao. (To name a few)

Superfood Green Drink

3 Large Kale Leaves, chopped

1 Banana, very ripe, fresh or frozen 

1 Cup Mango's, fresh or frozen

1 Teaspoon Milk Thistle Powder

1/4 Cup Ground Flax Seed

Enough Water to make 6-8 cups

Put flax seed, milk thistle, water  and kale into a blender. Mix on high speed until liquefied. Add fruit, continue blending on high speed until completely mixed. (Add more or less water if you want your drink to be thicker like a smoothie or more like juice).


Let superfoods breath life into your day!

Juice PlusVineyard Blend is a simple way to get the superfoods you need to be a super you.

To learn more go to or feel free to contact me.

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