Life Goes On

my everyday trials and tribulations

I met someone wonderful.We I haven't physically met him but we've spoken on the phone ans I'm until 530 in the morning.His name is Justin though which is eerie considering that's the my brothers name.He is perfect he is a Cancer and I'm a Taurus and he knew all about it already.That's already a first and it was just surreal.He had the same ideas and the same future lifestyle.He has a 7 month old son which I'll get into a conversation about with him tonight.I am already in love and he is too I can tell by what he says.Its crazy though.The other thing is that he lives in the ghetto with his family.But I might be back living with mine soon I still haven't paid November rent and no one has funds or I don't qualify because I'm in school and my last job was at a temp agency.So since I got laid off and have been trying to further my education I have to be homeless with an 11 month old.Yes it makes perfect sense now i see it! Anyway instead of worrying about all that I am taking Kandyce to see the Disney Princesses on Ice next weekend.I also want to take her to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live for her first birthday.I am as happy as I could be with whats going on in my life and I an hopeful that everything will be alright.

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