I feel left out. I feel like my family talks to one another and they don't talk to me. I feel like I am being left out. I am suprised at some news or I will see pics and think why weren't we invited. I am starting to think it might be because of a friend I have. Long story very short I met her through a family member and most of the family doesn't like her now but she didn't do anything to me so we are best friends. My husband is fine with it too. I don't know why I think that I just do. I might just being pulling all of this out of thin air but something isn't right. And it's not my bday for months so I know it's not that. I know I'm probably not explaining myself very well I just needed to say it out loud. What I want to know more than anything is how do not care. It's not like they are mean or anything but I want to just not care. It's really not a big deal. Right?

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