Imagine living your life on a shunt (something that drains your excess brain fluid out) knowing you could die at anytime, knowing your not as smart as others your age and have tummors growing inside your brain having have to have MULTIPLE brain surgeries. This is the life of JASON!



His brother Jonathan and Jonathan's girlfriend Tara who is constantly funding fundraisers to find a cure for this HORIBLE disorder!

PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN! EVEN IF IT IS SOMETHING SMALL! Jonathan and Jason Are two wonderfull brothers who are my good friends and I would REALY like to see Jason cured oneday. He is such a sweet loving man! PLEASE HELP!

The Holidays are here and We are getting ready to ramp up our Annual Christmas Benefit. We are also Raffling off  Apple iPod touche's to benefit Children and adults and there families that are dealing with TSC and Cancer, that have to spend the holidays at Mass General Hospital and Dana Farber in Boston, MA. The funds raised will go to the patients and families who are dealing with TSC and Cancer and will help them with finances while they are in Boston for the holidays. Project Onipa A will add money to our fund at MGH as well as a fund so all the patients at MGH can have presents for the holidays. 

With a $20.00 Donation you will get one raffle ticket to enter to win a Apple iPod Touch.You may make a donation right here on our website through PayPal by clicking the link make a donation page above or simply make out a check and sent it to: Project Onipa A @ number 1 Barnbridge Circle Framingham, MA 01701. As soon as we receive your donation we will issue you your raffle ticket'(s) Number, (s) to you. The Final draw will be on December 20th.

Our Annual Christmas Benefit will be held at Jonathan's house (Jason's Brother) on Sunday December 19th @ number 1 Barnbridge Circle, Framingham, MA 01701. The benefit will be a pot luck dinner. You may make a donation of your choice to attend. At our benefit there will be many holiday raffles starting at $5.00 for 1 ticket and $10.00 for 5 tickets. There will be Christmas Music, games, caroling, and much more. Please (RSVP) by December 10th 2010. All is welcome to attend

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