i have an address if you wish to write her, the only thing is the jail where she is at only accepts postcards. for all who do not know about this, Mel is a single mom with 6 kids who is in this group. She is a domestic violence survivor, november 3rd she was arrested on 3 federal warrants due to the fact that her abuser went behind her back to court lied rough his teeth and his new wife is a rich bitch, somehow obtained sole custody of mels two youngest kids, they are 3 and 5,mel already had sole custody of them. he abuser wanted mel to pay for making him pay the a whole 160 a month on two kids for child support. he lives in fla and mel use to live in tnn til the abuser would not stop harassing her through 2 different states, 6 different Court rooms. she is now sitting in jail in fla while her kids are in tnn , mel will not see her kids for holidays, and the jail makes them pay 25.00 for every 5 phone calls so the kids can talk to her. financially challenged just like alot of us in the group. no lawyer will take her case due to the fact she cant pay them, they will be giving her a public defender but according to mels oldest that hearing is not scheduled to dec then another not til feb, they want 10% of 20,070 to bond her out plus property to have a lean on. Mel feels as if the world has forgotten her and is not in the best mental health. mel has never been away from her kids this long. If you would like to send mel a post card below is the address to write her . arisa and i are trying to get her a lawyer.

Melissa Hopkins

#28310ortiz ave

fort myers fla 33905

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