Major things that terrify me as a new mom.


These are the things that terrify me on a daily basis:

1. Dropping him.

2. SIDS.

3. Autism.

There are many, many other things that worry me – everything from being worried that I’m not feeding him the appropriate balance of formula, fruits & veggies to letting him bathe in a plastic bath tub next to a plastic shower curtain which could leach something-or-other and ruin both of our lives.  To keep sane, I think of the successful baby boomers who grew up without space-age, technologically-advanced convertible carseats  and had moms that smoked cigarettes before it was confirmed that smoking is not beneficial to a human’s health.  And I know this because I watch Mad Men: Betty Draper drove her baby home from the hospital holding him in her arms in the front seat, and smokes all of the time around her kids – in her house. Gross!

Back to my list. I have not dropped Thomas.    This fear still crosses my mind when I’m walking in heels, which I normally take off due to the fear of dropping him, OR when I’m walking through our new playroom/former living room because there are lots of toys on the ground.  However, I have a pretty strong grip on him, so I’m pretty sure that I would break my back before he ever came into harm’s way.

Right now, I’m watching him on the baby monitor and I can see him moving and breathing.  So, as of this moment, he’s not dying of SIDS.  And my fear of this has diminished a little bit since I read that SIDS decreases after 6 months.  However, the media has hyped up SIDS so much that I knew what the acronym stood for & a lot about it even before I started the crazy process of becoming a New Mother.  Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  Seriously??? What about that name doesn’t instill a heart-stopping fear into any parent??  Sudden = no warning signs, you can’t do a damn thing about it.  Infant= my sweet, innocent perfect baby.  Death=fatal, there are no chances. Syndrome = like it’s common.  What has this done?  It has caused Frantic Parent Wake-up Syndrome* – which is a syndrome that causes me to wake up & check the monitor for signs of breathing.  My first thought is “OMG, is he alive” which takes me from a deep slumber to full-alert, ready to perform emergency-CPR awake.  Every night.  Several times a night.  Read the rest >

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