As if my day couldn't get any worse. Today just has not been my day. My suppose to be boyfriend/babydaddy is really erking my nerves. You know sometimes i feel like people take my kindness for a weakness but  boy are they wrong for that. I been trying to let stuff slide and not phase me but i can't take it anymore. I have really reached my boiling point. I'm trying not to stress myself because its not good for the baby, but if somethings don't change i'ma lose my mind. I really don't know how much more i can take. I think its time i start thinking about me and what i need and just stay focus on my baby. Its funny how people say that you only care about yourself when you're breaking your neck trying to please everyone but yourself. Ugh i swear. People these days. All i need is God and my family and that's alright with me. But feel free to comment because i could really use some advice right about now before i explode. Litterally.

Much Love,


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