It seems longer but I became a stay at home mom last year when my third daughter Cheeksie was born. My life has changed so much because of the decision my husband and I made and I am nowhere near the person I was then. I have grown as a woman, a mother, a person and a wife. Being home with my kids is full of so many rewards including the chance to really explore who I am and my dreams. Through many months of searching I have arrived at the best place of my life.

So today I am:

1.   Happy
2.   Grateful to and in love with my husband 
3.   So proud of my 3 girls
4.   Still crazy about food and cooking
5.   Still the grillmaster in our house
6.   Making my dreams come true
7.   Always striving for peace compassion 
8.   Making a difference through my new business
9.   Volunteering
10. Starting a whole new chapter in my life 

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Nov. 19, 2010 at 9:09 AM

Sweet!! :-)

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