I have so much to deal with lately, and he is suppose to be not drinking, but when I check the bank records, I see that he is still purchasing beer. Does he think I am dumb? or does he not know about technology these days? He doesn't use a computer or do the billing, it is so easy to track his moves. I will remove the kids this weekend and prove I am not bluffing. My mother is dying and it will be any day now, I have asked for his support, my father just passed a couple of months ago, and this idiot just wants me to pretend all is positive in the world...well have another beer and keep thinking that..oh well, let me get back to paradise

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Nov. 19, 2010 at 7:15 AM

I am sorry about your parents. My Husband use to be bad about drinking. He finally quit for GOOD almost two years ago. The thing is, they can NOT do it on their own. It is an addiction and they HAVE to get help. I made mine do that. I told him I KNEW he would have to get help in order to stop. Anyway, he did everything he was suppose to do and it helped a lot. He had stopped before own his own, but they have to have SUPPORT. Good Luck!! Stay on him and tell him you will not budge until he gets support and joing AA or whatever he needs to do to quit his addiction. Also, he doesn't need to be around others drinking. Good Luck!!

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Nov. 19, 2010 at 7:35 AM

I am so sorry about your parents :*(  sometimes it's hard for a man (especially one with additions) to understand anything about support.  My hubby has let me down time and time again when I needed him because of his drinking, so I know how trying it is.  It's very hard and it's a very long road ahead, but we're women and we can get through it, I promise. 

He isn't thinking about the fact that you know he's drinking, he's just thinking about drinking.  I had to take ALL the money and access to the accounts away from my husband, which caused problems but turned out to be the best thing in the world.  He couldn't binge with the credit/debt card anymore- he had to find cash.  My SO even borrowed money and expected me to pay it back- and I wouldn't.  I told all his friends that I would NOT give them back ANY money they loaned to my hubby if it was for drinking.  If they are really his friend, they will understand completely.  Because, at that point, they are enabling. 

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