What are some of the most important features that you look for in a vibrator?  For me, it is the power.  I want a vibrator that is going to give me a good orgasm.  That sums up my needs.  I do not necessarily need something that is fancy, adorned with diamonds, having special buttons, or vivid colors.  I want a vibrator that is going to please me.  I want a vibrator that is going to make my whole body explode with orgasmic pleasure.  However, like most people, I have a budget.  Typically, a vibrator is not on our priority list of things that we need to buy.  It may be out of the question to spend even $50 on a vibrator.  Does that mean you are left cheap, weak vibrators that are going to be ineffective and not worth trying?  Absolutely not.  If power is what you crave from a vibrator,here are five powerful, affordable vibrators that will fit your budget based on consumer reviews and my own personal experiences.  

Lightning Rod - If you question the power of this inexpensive vibrator, you are in for a real shock.  The Lightning Rod is powered by 2 C Size Batteries. Made of hard plastic, this phthalate free vibrator is ribbed throughout the shaft to add to the pleasure.  This is not a fancy vibrator by any means.  Its multi-speeds are operated by a twist dial on the base.  This vibrator is all about delivering the powerful pleasure, giving you the orgasmic results you want.  Retails for about $16.99.

Bottle Rockets Apollo - For a vibrator that is only 4-1/2" in length, this mini vibrator produces a lot of power.  Made of body safe, phthalate and latex free ABS plastic, this vibrator is also waterproof.  Offering a single powerful speed, this vibrator has a simple, push button control.  Perfect for clitoral stimulation, the Bottle Rockets Apollo from Evolved Novelties has a smooth coating with a quiet motor that will give you that extra privacy.  Retails for $11.99.

Rabbit Wiggle Wand - This is one of my personal favorites.  The Rabbit Wiggle Wand features the popular rabbit ears with a two speed, powerful motor.  The slim shaft is very flexible for easy exploration.  Use the Rabbit Wiggle Wand during foreplay on your lover's nipples, clitoris, anal region.  This wand vibrator is one of the most powerful non electric wand massagers on the market for a very inexpensive cost.  Retails for about $15.

Dr. Laura Berman Intimate Basics Paris - Give your G-spot some loving with this G-spot vibrator. The tip is slightly curved to target your G-spot, while the rest of the shaft contains multiple ridges to give its user an extra massage during use.  This vibrator also offers multiple speeds of intense vibration that will satisfy each user.  This vibrator also has a smooth coating over the plastic surface for an easy, glide.  Use this vibrator internally or for clitoral stimulation. Retails for $19.99

Hot and Smooth Vibrator -  I could not leave this vibrator off of the list.  If you want a simple vibrator that is all about power, this vibrator is for you.  Its smooth, sleek surface is made of hard plastic, enabling you to feel all of the vibrations.  This vibrator is also powered by C Size batteries and the speeds are controlled by the twist dial on the base.  A great vibrator for beginners, but will also be sure to impress the veteran users.  Retails for about $18.99.

Visit www.spicygear.com for more information.

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