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I never wore mascara before now. I had only ever heard awful things about it, like that it makes your eyelashes fall out. I have seen women walk around with giant clumps on their lashes and smudges around their eyes. It is not pretty. But ladies I have found the cure! Supermagnify Mascara! It is amazing! Absolutely no clumps, and my eyelashes look really long and beautiful. If I put it on my lower lashes they get super duper long!This mascara is great. But there is a trick to make sure your a happy customer. I dont ever put more than one coat on, if I do my lashes get too wet and when I blink I get little black smudges. One coat, no problems. Other than that its perfect! I never thought I'd love using mascara, but I do!
5-to-1 BRISTLE TO LASH RATIO: each bristle seeks out and separates every last lash.
MAGNASPHERE FORMULA: wraps each lash for ultimate definition and ultra volume. 
NEW SuperMagnify Mascara multiplies and magnifies lashes. Leaves no lash behind...and leaves no clumps. See up to 60% more lashes* with no clumps! .247 oz. net wt. 

Sorry that looks kind of creepy but you can see which has the mascara!
(No samples of this available yet but I'm hoping Avon comes out with them soon, fingers crossed! This is on sale for 4.99 though, hurry! www.youravon.com/slemmon)

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