As a group owner it gets hard coming up with new ideas on how to promote your group. So today, I am writing a Journal post to do just that.

If you would like to promote your group, or one you think others would enjoy, please fill out the comment section with a link and brief description. Thank you!!

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This group is not just about the "country", but about where YOU live. Could be the city, desert, mountains, or along the coast. It's where you can view places around the country, or the world through photos. Tour a lighthouse. Play a few games or enter the monthly photo contest and win a "Siggy" prize.This group is Drama Free, but we do encourage all to stay active, even if you don't respond to a post. Just pop in once a week.

So come join us on The Balcony for the Question of the Day and other Topics of Conversation.  We'd love to hear from YOU!

Group Owner



This has become one of my favorites here at Cafemom. I became the group owner this year (June 2010) and am really enjoying being the group owner.

This is a competition group and Participation is greatly encouraged.

All members are allowed and encouraged to post 5 Trivia Questions per day (sending me the Group Moderator/Owner, the Q/A first).  Once you are accepted (must apply to join), you will receive an Automatic Welcome message. Then I will send a second message telling you which team you will be placed on. (Purple or Silver).  For ex. if you post 2 questions per day, that is worth 10 points for your team. If you post 3 more questions those are worth 1 pt each.  When answering a question those also are worth points for your team. 

If this sounds like something you'd enjoy and make friends along the way come and join today.  This group is Drama Free.

Group Owner/Moderator



Are you a Cafemom Addict?

This is a group for all types of moms,~aunts,sisters,Grandmoms, New moms,~ Working moms,Retired moms; Divas,crafters, rockers; mellow or maniacal, We share some common habits & interests, fears and secrets; Family living, Excercise~or not, recreation, TV, Movies, Books, music, and laughs!

Group Admin.


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