We just set back our clocks and are entering a new season – a season of cooler weather, shorter days and holiday calories! Instead of waiting till January 1st to re-energize your fitness routine, take a look at it now and begin making changes. Minor tweaks frequently allow you to see some extreme outcomes.

Toss: Cotton Exercise Gear

Your cotton T-shirt and shorts may perhaps feel nice and comfy, but they are in fact hurting your exercise routine. Cotton holds in sweat and has a chafing effect on your body. With cotton, the sweat will stay on your body and in your clothes till you take them off. If you will be outside in the cold with this sweat clinging to your body, you'll swiftly get chilled.

As a substitute, put on a shirt made from a wicking fabric. Bamboo T shirts will draw the moisture away from your entire body and help it evaporate quickly to keep you dry.

Toss: Sneakers

Shoes need to be replaced every year if you run or walk 10 miles weekly. If you're running or walking 15 miles a week, you need to replace them about every 8 months. With more training the treads on the bottom of the sneakers get worn down and also the inside arch starts to deteriorate.

When you get new sneakers, make sure that they are the appropriate kind of footwear. If you are a runner, make sure you get running shoes. They are specially made to give you maximum performance each and every time for running versus, say, a tennis shoe which is created for lateral motion.

And don’t forget that bamboo socks are excellent at keeping your feet dry in those new shoes!

Toss: Eight glasses of water

Roughly 2/3 of your body is water, and your cells work differently if you don’t have sufficient h2o in them. If your cells are working differently, your workout performance will suffer. Nonetheless, since everyone is different sizes, the standard eight glasses of drinking water may not be what YOU will need. Rather, drink an ounce of h2o for every ten pounds of body weight. Make sure you're drinking your water from a recyclable reusable container too!

Toss: Gym machine monitor

Recent study shows that elliptical trainers overestimated calorie burn by an average of 30%! Most machines really don't ask for adequate details to accurately assess your workout which leads to incorrect readings. The machines are set up for a 150 pound, 21 year old male. If you aren’t that, the machine is almost certainly not giving you a correct reading. Invest in your own heart rate monitor to get accurate results!

Toss: Your magazines

When you're attempting to read and workout, you're putting your posture and your workout on hold. As a substitute, grab your iPod and listen to some music. Research done at the Brunel University identified that runners who listened to pop or rock music exercised up to 15% longer! Music is really a great motivator. Make sure to change your playlists at least twice a month, so they do not get boring.

Toss: Your sweatshirt

Cotton sweats seem like the ideal winter fitness gear. Nonetheless, they typically will cause you to overheat and slow you down. As an alternative, you should wear a handful of layers of wicking apparel plus a bamboo jacket. As you heat up, you may simply take a layer off and wrap it around your waist. Also make certain you have a hat and gloves that are manufactured for runners. Most winter gloves aren’t created out of wicking material, so pay close attention to labels.

Toss: Dark clothes

Now that it is getting dark earlier, try to avoid wearing black outdoors. You may be difficult to spot in dark apparel. Alternatively, put on wicking garments that are white and invest in some high tech reflective gear.

Toss: Your cheap pedometer

The British Journal of Sport Medicine found that nearly 75% of low end pedometers are inaccurate. Look for a pedometer that is at the very least $25 and asks for you to enter your height, your leg length, and other details.

By swapping a number of items in your fitness regimen, you can effortlessly help improve your work out, your safety, as well as your health. Ramping up your exercise program may possibly also lead to far better sleep so make sure that you’re falling into the softest sheets available after a hard day’s work (out)!

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