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Satan was created a musical being with instruments built as a part of his body. Therefore it is to be expected he will use music to deceive and lead people astray from God. The devil has been very successful by using rock music with lost people. They have been led into the occult, immorality, rebellion, drugs, blasphemy, and a hatred for God all by rock music! This evil music has even made it into the churches of our day! Every church that has opened their doors to Satan's rock music has fallen into heresy and apostate doctrines. Every one! Many churches no longer rely on the Bible, prayer, witnessing, and sound teaching to equip God's people. Instead they imitate the world and expose their young people to all kinds of rock and roll music. Religious and secular rock and roll has become very popular in apostate churches. In fact many church people get violently angry when their false god of rock and roll is challenged! Young people turn on their radio's and listen to satanic secular rock and roll as if this was a normal thing to do. Pastors play this Satanic music in their church worship services and it is a stench in the face of God! As a result, God has given many people over to their sin which is a judgment in itself.

Here is what happens to a church when they are given over to their sin. Rock music does the following to people:
1) harden hearts to the Word of God
2) create rebellious people who refuse obedience and correction from God or the Bible
3) people develop a mocking spirit toward God and His Word
4) people enjoy blasphemy, drug use, and sexual immorality
5) it will destroy all churches that embrace rock music by leading them into compromise and heresy

Rock music has been, and still is, a very successful tool from Satan to lead people away from God. The old story about the pied piper is very true in relation to rock and roll music. Satan is leading people astray from God and he is doing it by music. The below verse describes all who profess to be "Christian" yet embrace Satan's' music!

Titus 1
16 They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.

Next lets look at some interesting quotes about Rock music. Remember this demonic trash has made it into the liberal churches of our day.

Rock music is sex and has no place in the life of a Christian or in a church

"Rock music is sex. The big beat matches the body's rhythms" (Frank Zappa of the Mothers of Invention, Life, June 28, 1968).

"That's what rock is all about--sex with a 100 megaton bomb, the beat!" (Gene Simmons of the rock group Kiss, interview, Entertainment Tonight, ABC, Dec. 10, 1987).

"Rock 'n' roll is 99% sex" (John Oates of the rock duo Hall & Oates, Circus, Jan. 31, 1976).

"Rock 'n' roll is pagan and primitive, and very jungle, and that's how it should be!" (Malcolm McLaren, punk rock manager, Rock, August 1983).

"The great strength of rock 'n' roll lies in its beat ... it is a music which is basically sexual, un-Puritan ... and a threat to established patterns and values" (Irwin Silber, Marxist, Sing Out, May 1965).

"Rock and roll aims for liberation and transcendence, eroticizing the spiritual and spiritualizing the erotic, because that is its ecumenical birthright" (Robert Palmer, Rock & Roll an Unruly History).

"Rock and roll is fun, it's full of energy ... It's naughty" (Tina Turner, cited in Rock Facts, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum).

"Rock and roll was something that's hardcore, rough and wild and sweaty and wet and just loose" (Patti Labelle, cited in Rock Facts, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum).

Rapper Missy Elliot's 3rd album, "Miss E ... So Addictive," is described as "a seductive cocktail of quirky rhythms and hypnotic beats."

Rock music can change consciousness

Mickey Hart, drummer for the Grateful Dead, in his book Drumming at the Edge of Magic: "Everywhere you look on the planet people are using drums to alter consciousness. ... I've discovered, along with many others, the extraordinary power of music, particularly percussion, to influence the human mind and body. . . . There have been many times when I've felt as if the drum has carried me to an open door into another world."

Rock music can transform the soul (for Satan) as it is spiritual and has power

"Atmospheres are going to come through music, because the music is a spiritual thing of its own" (Jimi Hendrix, rock star, Life, Oct. 3, 1969).

"I believe in the transformative power of rock and roll ... this transformative power inheres not so much in the words of songs or the stances of the stars, but in the music itself--in the SOUND, and above all, in the BEAT" (Robert Palmer, Rock & Roll an Unruly History).

"Music can be philosophical or orgiastic. It has powers for evil as well as for good" (cited from Frank Garlock's The Language of Music;

"Music doesn't have to pass through the censor of the brain before it can reach the heart. An f sharp doesn't have to be considered in the mind; it is a direct hit, and therefore all the more powerful" (Bernstein, The Joy of Music).

A Testimony of a man who learned his lesson about rock music in church

"I am now convinced that God will not accept our worship when it is offered with music styles that are also used by pagans for their immoral practices. If I am wrong, why was he so harsh in judging Israel when they sacrificed to him using the pagan high places and rituals? He is a jealous God. If you grasp this principle alone, it will change for ever the way you lead a worship service. ... The true heart of worship is the heart that bows before God and submits to his Word, no more and no less" (Dan Lucarini, Confessions of a Former Worship Leader, p. 57).

To conclude on rock music

This is what Christians should be listening to:

Eph 5
19 Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord; (note: this excludes all rock music!)

Rock and roll music is used by Satan in deception 1 (hath God said). People are led astray and they will no longer respond to the Bible. These people become distant from God, worldly, and immune to Scriptural correction. They become obsessed with their love of Satan's music and will defend it unto the destruction of their souls! Rock and roll rebels develop a Hath God said type of rebellion in their hearts. Do not be deceived by Satan's rock music! If you are a pastor then get it out of your church immediately (before you are judged for harming God's people). If you attend a rock and roll church then get out now! Be assured that the Lord left that church long ago.

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Nov. 19, 2010 at 3:17 PM

wow guess i'm a "bad" Christian then cause i love me some rock music. . .mostly Christian rock ( i love Skillet!)  so are you saying even Christian rock bands are "evil"? just curious

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Nov. 19, 2010 at 3:24 PM

Well hunny re-read the quotes by the musicians.. THE BEATS AND THE LYRICS BOTH.. ARE PROBLEMATIC.. NOT JUST THE WORDS..

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Nov. 19, 2010 at 3:35 PM

hmm. .. well i guess i just disagree. .sometimes the best worship experiences i had were at "rock shows' (Skillet, Seventh Day slumber etc). These band truely love God  & their music has brought me closer to God as a result

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Nov. 19, 2010 at 7:32 PM

I agree with you in part about this....I have seen especially on the Christian TV stations more of this....But trust me....This is so different from the secular rock and roll I grew up listening to on the radio in the 60s and 70s..That was exactly everything evil you described...

.I also hear many styles of music going on in Spanish Christian radio...most of them matching their secular contemporary counterparts....but always praising the Lord....This is good...the people are engaged....

I really believe the lyrics to each song should be listened to....I am sure, without a doubt that there is a lot of prayer going on before the programming is selected  for television that is going to be national and international.

I was very shocked at first....but then understood why this style of music is being used to attract the younger set... It gets and keeps them engaged in praising and learning about the Lord.


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Nov. 19, 2010 at 7:36 PM

Just a little more so I am not misread....This should not be the only  thing...There should be Bible verses and jubilation going on...especially at concerts....From what I've seen on TV...This is always the case....:)

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