When Satan's messengers come to town they do not look evil. Instead they look like a Christian in every way. They speak well and wear flashy suits and jewelry. They are pretty and charismatic and gather large followings of devoted followers. However their doctrine is the doctrine of devils sprinkled with little tidbits of truth to enhance the deceptive flavor of their mission. They take after their father, the devil in every way. Here is what the Bible says:

2 Cor 11
14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

Satan has moved mightily with those in the Word of Faith movement. He has used deception number 2 (promise of godhood) successfully with these lost people. These lies are spread by men who claim to be little gods. Satan also uses deception 1 as these wolves deny and pervert Biblical truth as they present their heretical teachings.

Here is a question: Why would ANYONE be so stupid as to follow these wolves preaching heresy in the church? Why does anyone follow these men who openly pervert and deny the Gospel? Why do people send money to these people which makes them rich?

Lets look at some quotes from these so-called little gods. Here is what these wolves say from their own mouths. First lets look at the deception number 2 from Satan where men are promised to be God. Prepare to be shocked or saddened by the heresy coming out of their mouths.

"You don't have a god in you, you are one." (Kenneth Copeland, "The Force Of Love" tape # 02-0028)

"Pray to yourself, because I'm in your self and you're in My self. We are one Spirit, saith the Lord." (Kenneth Copeland, "Believer's Voice of Victory", Feb. 1987, p.9)

"I say this with all respect so that it don't upset you too bad, but I say it anyway. When I read in the Bible where he [Jesus] says, 'I Am,' I just smile and say, 'Yes, I Am, too!'" (Kenneth Copeland, "Believer's Voice of Victory" broadcast on TBN, recorded 7/9/87)

(Note: here the Deity of the Lord Jesus is denied!)
"Don't be disturbed when people accuse you of thinking you're God. The more you get to be like Me, the more they're going to think that way of you. They crucified Me for claiming that I was God. But I didn't claim I was God; I just claimed I walked with Him and that He was in Me. Hallelujah. That's what you're doing." (Kenneth Copeland, "Voice of Victory" Vol. 15, No. 2, 2/87)

The Christian "is as much an incarnation as was Jesus of Nazareth." (Kenneth Hagin, "The Incarnation," THE WORD OF FAITH (Dec. 1980), 14.)

"[Man] was created on terms of equality with God, and he could stand in God's presence without any consciousness of inferiority...God made us as much like Himself as possible...He made us the same class of being that He is Himself...Man lived in the realm of God. He lived on terms equal with God...[The] believer is called Christ...That's who we are; we're Christ" (Kenneth Hagin, Zoe: The God-Kind of Life, 1989. pp. 35-36, 41)

Christians are little messiahs. Christians are little gods. (Benny Hinn, Praise-a-thon (TBN), recorded November 1990)

"Christians are "Little Messiah's and "little gods" on the earth. Thus [Encouraging the audience]...say "I am a God-man....This spirit-man within me is a God-man..." say "I'm born of heaven-a God-man. I'm a God man. I am a sample of Jesus. I'm a super being. Say it! Say it! Who's a super being? "I walk in the realm of the supernatural." Say it!...You want to prosper? Money will be falling on you from left, right and centre. God will begin to prosper you, for money always follows righteousness....Say after me, "everything I ever want is in me already." (Benny Hinn, TBN, 1990)

"Are you ready for some real revelation knowledge....you are god" (Benny Hinn, "Our Position In Christ", tape # AO31190-1)

Wow! That is the exact same things Satan said to Eve in the garden of Eden! These wolves promise their followers godhood. Eve believed the lie and so do "many" people today! That lie worked with Eve in the Garden and it still works very well today! Just look at how many followers these wolves have behind them! It seems they can say anything and none of the blinded followers realize something is very wrong!

These wolves also freely use deception 1 and deny Biblical salvation the the shed blood of the Lord Jesus on the Cross! Part of their heresies is to deny the clear Word of God. Here are some more quotes:

"It wasn't a physical death on the cross that paid the price for sin...anybody can do that." (Kenneth Copeland, What Satan Saw on the Day of Pentecost (Kenneth Copeland, Fort Worth: Messages by Kenneth Copeland, n.d., audiotape #BCC-19), side 1.)

Christ's physical death on the cross was not enough to save us. (Kenneth Hagin, How Jesus obtained His Name, Tape 44H01)

These men hate God and they hate sound Biblical doctrine. If they had their way, true Christians who defend the faith would be killed! Read the following:

Paul Crouch will shoot heresy hunters (theology) if God doesn't (Praise-a-thon (Paul Crouch, TBN), 4/2/91)

Heresy hunters (theology) are to go to Hell. (Paul Crouch, Praise-a-thon (TBN), 4/2/91)

Wants to use Holy Ghost machine gun to kill Heresy Hunters. (Benny Hinn, Praise-a-thon (TBN), 11/8/90)

Finally this quote shows how these men actually hate and despise God:

"God is the biggest failure in the Bible...the reason you've never thought that is because He never said He was one".(Kenneth Copeland, "Praise-a-thon", broadcast on TBN, recorded 1988)

As you can see these word of faith wolves hate sound Biblical doctrine and the hate the Bible and God. They hate those who love and who defend the Bible. These wolves makeup all their heresies and command their blind followers not to test doctrine with the Bible! Anyone who believes and follows these heresies are completely deceived (and lost!). The above quotes shows that Satan has used the promise of godhood to deceive many! The devil has also used deception 1 (hath God said) very successfully as these wolves openly deny the Word of God. Sadly this deception works very well as lost people just love the idea of becoming a god. These word of faith heretics have deceived many and this is just what the Lord Jesus said would happen in these last days!

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