I frequent a healthy amount of internet forums. Some of them are decent, some of them are flat out cesspools. What can I say, I'm easily amused. One topic that I've joined a lot of forums for is gluten intolerance and celiac disease.

One thing stuck me the other day when I was browsing the new topics on one of them. We rely on doctors way too much and way too easily for every single thing that goes wrong. I mean we as a collective term for Americans. It seems like every little ache, pain and scab requires a doctor's opinion. This is especially true for people considering a gluten free diet, and I'm wondering why ? Actually, no, that's wrong, I know why. It's because we've been conditioned by the system(government, corporate) to assume that a doctor's opinion and diagnosis is required for absolutely everything. And you hear it in the disclaimers for things.

"Always consult your doctor before starting a diet."

This is so erroneous in some cases that it's not even funny. It's amazing to me because I used to be one of the people that assumed that a pharmaceutical or a medical opinion was more reliable than my own. Obviously, a consultation with a doctor has it's place, like when you've been having chest pains or painful rashes or something that requires it. But, something as simple as eliminating something from your diet is not one of them!

A lot of people mistakenly assume that a gluten free diet is something that should only be utilized by a person with a celiac diagnosis. Or that there is something that is missing from a gluten free diet that is essential for good health or a balanced diet and that's just not the case. Food elimination diets have always been the same, especially when you eat something that makes you deathly ill!

You wouldn't consult a doctor before eliminating peanuts from your diet after you spent 6 days with hives and your tongue swelled up, would you? And if your answer is yes, why?? What is this person going to tell you that you don't already know? You already know that you ate something, got hives for 6 days and had a swollen tongue. What he can do is request a whole bunch of expensive testing, and that's where the crux of this whole issue lies.

Celiac disease is not something that's curable by anything other than a life-long gluten free diet. There are no pharmaceuticals for celiac disease. But, you can bet your bottom dollar that it's something that's being feverishly worked on. That's the game they're in. If there's something out there that doesn't have a pharmaceutical tap, they'll get one PDQ(pretty damned quick). I'll bet that sometime in my lifetime, I'll see a commercial for a drug for celiacs. And, I'll also bet that it will create a whole slew of people who are suddenly a celiac and take this medication, too.

Can't quit smoking? Lost your own will to live? There's a pill for that. In fact, there's quite a few "quit smoking" drugs. Fibromyalgia? There's now a pill for it. It used to be something that wasn't treatable with anything but pain killers. Arthritis? There are several pills for that. IBS? Yup, guess what? Zelnorm! Or.....if your doctor is like mine and really reaching for an excuse to dope you up, antidepressants! IBS is curable by food elimination. It's not like you have to quit eating altogether, but I think a lot of people mistakenly assume such is true.

Would you consult your doctor before becoming a vegetarian? Or a vegan? In this day and age?! Would you consult one before eliminating sugar from your diet? Then why would youneed to to eat gluten free?! Or even dairy free! The testing for celiac disease is expensive. It's insane how much bullshit you have to go through to get that diagnosis, and what does it solve? Nothing. You still need to eat gluten free and there's still no miracle pill for that. But, the difference is, now you're out about $2000 if you had to go through biopsies.

Obviously, if you're bleeding when you eat something, that's different. If you're close to a heart attack, that's different. But, for Gods' sake people, if you eat wheat(or if your child does) and know you get a rash all over your body, are in pain every time, and feel like crap, you do not need a doctor to tell you what you already know! It's not necessary. If you feel better not eating something, don't eat it! We really need to take back some of your independence from the medical profession because some of what I've been reading lately is just ridiculous. And we wonder why some people have ginormous medical bills.

Do yourselves, your kids(possibly) and your wallets a favor and just eliminate it and be done with it.

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