When Tyndale House Publishers asked me if I wanted to join a blog tour from What's in the Bible? Battle for the Promised Land I thought sure. It's a DVD and my kids would most likely enjoy it. What I didn't realize was how much we as a family would get out of a children's show.

 What's in the Bible? is a series created by Phil Vischer. Mr. Vischer is best known as the creator of Veggie Tales and Jelly Telly. Using puppets and some creativity Mr. Vischer takes children on journey through the bible. There are 13 DVDs in all.

 Battle for the Promised Land is number four in the series. Having never seen the first three and to be completely honest not a fan of Veggie Tales I was a little wary of what I would get out of it.

 I must say the characters are funny and fresh. Buck Denver is the "anchor" of a news type show as they explore the bible. All these other characters interrupt and/or help in some way. My favorite was Sunday School Lady. She had all the answers and information. I also enjoyed the two little old ladies who were watching TV.

 What's in the Bible? Battle for the Promised Land covers the historical books of the old testament. I didn't know these books were called that! These twelve books cover God's physical kingdom. The two 25 minute episodes cover the books of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth.

 What's in the Bible? Battle for the Promised Land is filled with catchy songs, including the theme, that help children remember important biblical facts. Some which include the twelve judges from the book of Judges which I didn't know. My kids however can now name them all just by singing a song.

 You can get so much from watching this series. My suggestion is to watch it together. You'll be surprised at what you learn that you maybe didn't know. Plus there are some great questions answered such as "Did God want people to die?", and "Why Canaan was chosen as the promised land?" Not to mention a great bonus short called "Quacky's Questions" which answers "What is Love?"

The only thing I would love to see done differently would be for the series to be available in Spanish as well as English.

 {BUY IT:} You can purchase What's in the Bible? at various Christian bookstores and online.

 {WIN IT:} Read what my daughter, Victoria, thought of the series and enter for a chance to win your own copy.

 {WATCH IT:} Watch some for yourself.

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