Hola moms, Ive got a question for anyone who can help. My daughter is now 3yrs old and I really want to break her off the sippy cup. I know it going to be really hard. Ive tried acouple of times not to give it to her when she asks for it and its not like she only takes it once a day. Its all day and she doesnt drink or want anything else but milk. She can drink at least a half a gallon a day. I know its to much and Ive tried breaking her off it but its hard. I couldnt take her having a melt down for 30mins straight. Help me moms what you do to break your kids off the sippy cup???

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Nov. 19, 2010 at 9:39 PM

When we were weaning our son off of drinking so much milk we started adding carnation instant breakfast to his milk and slowly reduced the amount of milk we put in it. That worked for the amount of milk he drank however we never got to the place you are with having in a cup. Breaking him of a sippy was really easy for us, we took him to Walmart and let him pick out several cups he liked and that is what he drinks out of now unless we are in the car and then he has a water bottle type cup so it doesn't make too much of a mess, he only gets cups in the car when we are on trips. I would try letting her pick out her own cup and make it clear that if she wants a drink it comes out of "her" cup and I would get rid of the sippies so she doesn't see them.

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