Yesterday, my husband and I went to Santa Maria, California to be interviewed by a person with Social Services. It was in hopes that we might be considered to have my nephews kids come live with us so that we could adopt them. We thought the meeting went well since she was going to let us take the kids out for a day to get to know them and then consider placing them with us. The boy even came up to me right before we took him downstairs and gave me a hug.

We are the only relatives that came forward to have them placed in our home. My husband called the lady today and was told that we would not be able to see the kids now. She informed him that after talking with her boss, the kids would remain with the current foster family. He was also told that she would recommend them to the court for keeping them placed and for adoption when the time comes up. She also said that because we had no contact with the kids prior to their placement with the foster parents and none during the past 4 months, we were not being considered for foster parents.

This is just driving us nuts. They gave us the run around for the past 6 months saying that they had to stay in Santa Maria so that the parents could see them. Yet, the parents were not allowed to see them. So this has made my parents upset as well as me. Not sure what to do now.

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Nov. 19, 2010 at 10:05 PM

Call a family Attorney. The phone book is full of Attornys that "specialize" in this type of thing.

You could also call the California Bar Association.

By LAW -they are supposed to try to put them with family first!!!good luck

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Nov. 20, 2010 at 12:27 AM


  WOW! i am sorry that they are not even giving you a chance- that's Crazy! i agree with catysnanny- Call a Attorney that only deals with this kind of thing- Wishing you lots of luck:)

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