I have not been on here in like FOREVER, I have been working my butt off these days, We moved to a new house, So its been crazy,

 Lets see, Kira and Rusty got married in July and not Sept, It was a beautiful day, I have a new grand daughter Madison who will be 1 on Dec 21st, I was there for her birth, I love that little girl with all my heart.

Rob is stationed in Germany with his wife, daughter and I am waiting on my first Grand son in Feb, Hoping for an R&R with them real soon.

 Corey has his own company right now, Hes making his mommy proud.

 Hubby has been having alot of health issues so we are always at a doc or ER,


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Nov. 20, 2010 at 5:30 PM

Welcome back to CM! 


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