I just want to say I have a new obsession: “Teenage Dream” by the Glee cast.  I don’t know what it is about a capella… but I love it.  When I watch Glee, it reminds me of the “sensations” from high school.  They made me want to be able to sing.  Which I can’t… and should not, ever. Although Thomas thinks my singing is fantastic, especially my #1 hit, “Ain’t no poo in the diaper, in the diaper, in the diaper”, other people who aren’t pre-wired to think I’m amazing actually don’t think my singing is amazing.  My musical history: I took piano lessons from 2nd grade until 11th grade when I finally came to the realization that, even though my mother told me I could accomplish anything, I would never be an accomplished musician.  I made it to approximately Level 3 in all of those piano-playing years, which most people attain in a year.  Like everything else, I justified my failure to the fact that I didn’t practice (at all) and if I did (which I never did) I would have been really good (because my mom told me I could do anything I wanted and I totally believe it.)

Now that I’m a mom, I totally understand where she was coming from.  I absolutely, 100% believe Thomas can accomplish anything he wants in life.  And he will excel in a lot of things, and be mediocre* in others.  I am so proud of everything he does – pulling up, “cruising” sideways with his hands on the top in his crib (like it’s no big deal, this morning), eating spaghetti, figuring out toys… I’m totally amazed by him because he learns things so quickly. Every day is different.  Hmmm, I should probably stop singing my #1 hit song before he starts talking because that would be embarrassing.

*that may not be true… I’ll be perfectly honest, he’s already exhibiting major signs of genius, and he may excel at everything.  

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Nov. 19, 2010 at 10:48 PM

believe me when i say ur son will always think ur singing is awesome until middle school.

my kids are 3 and 2. when my son was a baby i started singing songs to him. ones that i made up for him when dd was born i started a song to help him know relatives. singing the goodnite song, both kids now sing it to me and we all have a laugh.

congrats and welcome to the mommy club.

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Nov. 19, 2010 at 10:52 PM

p.s. i have added u on my google reader. love the blog

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