I know, I HAVE to record a video, but I have no baby and showing this with a doll is just not the same. SO.. I am going to try to explain it as much as I can and ask all of my FB friends if anybody would be willing to let me snuggle their tiny lo so we could record a video.

If you have skype, we can use that video fiture and I'll walk you through it, but may be this will help a little too.

1. When you put the baby in make sure that you tug on the fabric to move all the extra slack from behind your back and side and towards the rings. This will ensure that when you adjust, the rings will stay in place and not going to slide down making the pouch for the baby smaller.
SO.. fabric is now tight on your back, side and around the baby with all the extra slack near the rings.

2. Make sure that there is no fabric wrinkles on baby's back - all the wrinkles should be tucked at the baby's knees (creating more cushion btw) for an upright baby, or moved towards the legs in reclining positions (making it a lot easier to adjust a safe pouch around the baby in a proper position that won't obstruct the air flow.

3. Always make sure there's fabric between you and the baby. Even for the upright legs out position there should be fabric between your tummy and the baby's coming up from between the baby's legs. This ensures wide flexed position for the baby's legs or a nice safe pouch for a reclining baby. Also, in a reclining position that ensures that the baby's back is not going to sag down with the fabric, but will remain well supported.
I never see it taught and this simple trick makes reclining positions a breeze.
SO lean forward and wrap the fabric around the baby tucking all the excess (remember, no wrinkles on the baby's back) down between you and the baby.

4. Now it is time to adjust the fabric, pulling all the slack (that is conveniently located right here, by the rings ;)) through the rings - one section of the sling at a time, paying extra attention to

upper rail - to proper support the baby's head and shoulders. If reclining making sure chin is way away from the chest, if upright - making sure that the baby's shoulders are pressed against your body and if the baby is tiny or sleeping - same would go for the head.

Middle of the rail - the baby's spine needs support as well, so make sure the fabric is tight around the baby's back, assuring a nice C-curve for a smaller baby in an upright position (all supported, not just slouching) or enough support for the older baby. In a reclining position - if you don't adjust this part right the baby's back should be either straight or slightly curved, if there's any slack in this area the baby's back won't get proper support and we are back to chin to chest.

Lower rail - should be tighened enough too to keep the legs in the flexed position or to maintain a nice secure pouch for the reclinging baby or a tiny one with the legs froggied inside.

5. Only now you can let go of the baby, who was so far supported by one of your hands at a natural above breast, head on chest position. When you let go the baby should stay put, without sliding lower in the sling.

All this might look like too much, but really becomes a second nature fast and can be all done in just a matter of seconds.

All this doesn't cover the wearer's comfort - just the baby's safety.

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