Runaway With Me, Alice

Into My Imagination

(There are 2 parts to this story. It was intended to be a one-shot, but ended up a little longer then could be posted as one story. So, here is Prt 1)

A soft knock echoed through out the small green room. Four boys occupied themselves with looking their best, even though most would tell them they looked amazing no matter what they were wearing. The soft knock echoed again, before the door knob turned and a tiny red head peeked into the room. She let her eyes wander a few moments over each boy, before clearing her throat and catching their attention.

“Hey guys, you have an hour before you have to leave. So finish up with whatever it is you are doing.”

She smiled, softly, as each boy nodded and returned to their former positions. They paid no more attention to the assistant as she closed the door once more. At a little table, sat the youngest of the four, as he meticulously went over his make-up. He scowled at his own reflection once more before huffing and pushing the chair back. Behind him sat his identical twin brother, who's eyes never left that of his brothers.

“Whats wrong Billa?”

The one called Bill, turned his head just enough to lock eyes with his older brother. He sighed as he stood, stretching his legs to regain feeling. His eyes landed back on the identical pair in front of him. He silently approached his twin brother, before dropping himself into his lap. His fingers found their way into the newly darkened and cornrowed locks, massaging his fingers against his soft scalp. His brother, who is known as Tom, mewled in pleasure as the stress slowly melted. Bill smiled, loving how Tom reacted to his touch. He let his fingers travel down through the locks, to find their way to the soft flesh of Tom's neck. The cornrowed boy's head slowly fell forward, giving the younger boy better access.

“You're so tense..” Bill inquired softly. Tom nodded in response, even though he really wasn't to sure of what was said. Bill laughed, softly, before pulling his hand away from his brother's body. Tom instantly looked up, prepared to ask why his dark haired twin had stopped his amazing ministrations with his fingers, but found the look his baby brother was giving him too alluring. He watched as Bill's pink tongue darted out between his plush lips, quickly wetting them, before flashing his tongue stud. Tom let his eyes linger on those lips, before meeting the eyes that watched him.

“You're beautiful...” Tom whispered, causing the other boy to smile. He ran his hand into Bill's hair, gripping the Mohawk and giving a gentle tug, watching Bill's face contort in pleasure. Tom licked his lips and flicked his lip ring. Bill's neck was perfectly visible, and he would have liked nothing more then to attach his lips to the creamy skin on that neck, and mark it. Letting everyone know that Bill belonged to him. He let his grip on the younger ones hair go, and laid it on his hip. Bill's eyes twinkled in the light of the green room, shining a pretty honey brown. Tom licked his lips again, finding himself being drawn back to Bill's. He leaned his forehead into his twins and closed his eyes, enjoying the peacefulness of that simple touch.


Bill blinked and locked eyes with Tom. Finding that his eyes had darkened immensely. “Yes?”

“Follow Me..” Tom gently nudged Bill from his lap, before reaching out to grip his hand. Bill quirked his pierced brow, but followed his brother anyways.

“Where are we going any ways? You do realize we have to leave soon..” The dreaded twin watched as the older twin nodded, clearly knowing that they were on a tight schedule.

Eventually, Tom came to a stop, causing Bill to stumble into him. “You okay?” Bill nodded his answer before glancing over Tom's shoulder.

“A closet Tomi? Seriously?” He questioned. Tom chuckled as he quickly opened the door and shoving Bill through. He stepped in behind his brother, pulling it shut with him.

“Why exactly are we in a closet?” Bill gritted out as he maneuvered himself in the tiny space.

When he finally gotten himself turned around, he came face to face with his other half. Bill smiled, innocently, as Tom gripped his hips and walked the few inches to the wall. A soft grunt emanated from Bill's lips as his back met the wall, but his eyes never left Tom's. “So are you going to tell me?” Tom shrugged and pushed his hips into Bill's, the affect causing him to shiver.

Bill's eyes fluttered shut as he matched his brothers greedy thrusts. 'This...” He hissed out “..Is why you brought me here?”

Tom grunted but shook his head no. “No, I brought you in here because I have been dying to get my lips on yours.”

Bill let out a breathy moan, attaching his plush lips to those of Tom's. A long, low moan emanated from the back of both their throats, leaving them slightly disoriented. Tom gripped Bill's chin, tilting his head just enough for him to slip his tongue past his lips, and caress the muscle across the black haired twins. Bill's body shuddered with the sensation, stilling his hips to focus strictly on Tom's lips, tongue, and what he was doing with them.

Tom felt the shudder pass through Bill, and the corner of his lips turned up into a dignified smirk. Tom pulled back and looked Bill over, taking in the flushed face, half-lidded eyes, and swollen lips. There was something about him that Tom just couldn't get enough of. Everything that surround the black haired boy drove Tom insane.

Bill pressed up against Tom, feeling his half hardened cock rub against his own. He leaned up and re-captured Tom's lips with his. Feeling every last inch of Tom's body on his. Just as Tom drove his fingers into Bill's hair, a sharp knock caused them both to jump.

“Ye-Yeah?” Bill stuttered out. He inhaled and exhaled, getting his heart to slow to a normal rate.

“Bill, Tom? Yo, I know you're in there. I can care less what you are doing.. But we have to leave. So I think its time you "come out of the closet" ” A sharp, deep laugh floated through the closet door.

“Fuck off Gustav.” Tom replied, light heartedly. But he couldn't hold in his laughter. He leaned himself against Bill's frame, laughing until tears sprang to his eyes. Bill, himself, caught the joke and he, too, began to laugh. Though neither twin admitted to it, both knew the G's knew of their chosen sexualities.

“Tom ..” Bill whispered, before clearing his throat and repeating the name. Tom looked up, quickly wiping the tears from his eyes.

“Yeah Bill?”

“Think all those “hopelessly in love fan girls” would die if they knew we were both gay?” Tom raised his brow and thought for a second before flicking Bill's nose.

“That is why we will never tell them.” Bill smiled, already knowing what Tom was going to say before he even spoke it. Another sharp knock startled Bill, causing him to squeak.

“I mean it, come on. Or else Jost is going to come searching for you .. again. And I really don't want to spend another uneventful night sitting in the apartment while he rambles, relentlessly, on about how you two need to be more careful, blah, blah, blah.” They heard a intake of breath and then a “Okay, I'm done” filter through the door. Tom turned and smiled at Bill, before pressing one last kiss to his soft lips. He stepped back, grabbed his hand, and pushed the door open, pulling Bill along with him.

Tom dropped Bill's hand once they were in front of the door, and stepped a few centimeters to the left. He glanced over and couldn't contain the smile as he watched Bill fidget with his shirt.

“Nervous?” he whispered, causing the other boy to jump. Bill looked over at Tom and nodded, before sliding his sunglasses on, shielding his eyes from all around him. Tom took that as the sign, and mimicked his twin. Placing his own sunglasses on. Seconds before the door was opened for them to exit, Bill gently squeezed Tom's hand. Slightly relieving himself of the butterflies that fluttered in his stomach. Tom returned the gesture and pulled away. Preparing himself for the on come of deafening screams.

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