Runaway With Me, Alice

Into My Imagination

(And, Part 2)

They were all shuffled into the waiting vehicle before anyone was mutilated by the thousands of fans that had patiently waited for them to appear. The twins quickly took up the back seat, making themselves comfortable against the other's body. Gustav and Georg climbed in to the middle, seating themselves in the two seats there. Gustav shook his head in amusement as he caught a glimpse of Tom leaning into Bill. Knowing he was going to continue whatever they had started in the closet.

Tom placed his hand on Bill's face, cupping his cheek and tilting his head to the side slightly. Without saying a single word, he pressed his lips back onto Bill's, just hard enough to initiate the kiss. Bill immediately responded, pressing into Tom's. The cornrowed boy smirked, taking Bill's subtle hint, and darted his tongue out to lap at his twins' plush, full lower lip. Bill sighed through his nose and gladly opened up, allowing Tom full access to the heated cavern of his mouth. A noise of appreciation filtered from the back of Bill's throat, before he pressed his tongue against the invading one.

Snickers wafted through the air, laying on the twins ears, and Tom knew the G's were sneaking peaks at their back seat make-out session. Tom gently nudged the younger boys knee, forcing him to shift. Once Bill's leg was out of range, Tom brought his back and sharply kicked the back of each seat, causing the boys in front to yelp and fall silent. Bill giggled into his hand before finding himself staring into a pair of eyes. A sigh of contentment was heard as Tom picked back up where he, unwillingly, left off.

The make-out session continued on while they were escorted to the signing that was being held today. They were thrilled with the outcome that Humanoid was having, and the energy vibrated through each band members body, and as the van pulled to a stop, the twins separated. Tom met Bill's eyes and winked, silently letting him know that what was previously happening, will continue once they were given the chance. Bill smiled in response and slid his sunglasses back on. As the van door was slid open, allowing them to step out, Tom slid his own sunglasses back. He waited till he was signaled to step and as his foot landed on cement, he gently rubbed his lips together, basking in the taste of Bill.

The lights flashed in their faces, photographers screaming from left and right, trying to catch each boys individual attention. But Tom paid no mind to the chaos around him. All he could see was the delicious ass in front of him. And that ass was giving him such dirty thoughts. His fingers itched to touch the supple behind, but he remained a good boy, and kept his hands to himself. The dark haired boy was so lost in his thoughts, he never heard his name, nor felt the touch of his brothers hand on his arm. “... Tomi …” Tom's head jerked up and he was greeted by quit a few eyes on him. Bill leaned in and gently whispered

“Its not good to stare at my ass … you tend to daydream and no one can get your attention. Plus we need to sit, its time for the signing.” Tom blinked and then a small, rose color crept up his face, heating his cheeks throughly. He lowered his head and averted all eyes as he took his seat, making sure to keep his eyes downcast. He let himself drop into the chair and pulled his marker from his hoodie pocket, waiting patiently for the first fan to come up.

The signing had to be split in to two parts, so the boys were allowed a break. Bill's body sunk into the plush chair in the back room, immediately moaning as his body was met with such soft fabric. He wiggled a few times, feeling the tingling in his behind slowly ease up. He could hear the groans of his fellow band mates as the each lowered their stiff bodies into plush pieces of furniture. “This signing is going to kill me..” Georg groaned from across the room. Causing the remaining three to nod in agreement. Tom closed his eyes and let himself relax, listening to the hum of the breathing around him. His body was still aching for Bill, but he could simply ignore that need till later. He couldn't blame Bill for his “addiction”, he was just so damn gorgeous. Now Tom understood why so many men and woman wanted his baby brother. He was completely irresistible. Tho older twin felt the couch dip, another body soon joining his. His lips twitched, hoping it was his love, but the moment he cracked an eye, he was met by the site of Georg. And his eyes were fixated on him.

What?” Tom mumbled, feeling uncomfortable under his friends stare. Georg smirked, but said nothing. Tom grunted and closed his eyes once more, letting his body sink further into the couch. He could still feel eyes on him, but decided to ignore it, figuring that Georg was probably jealous over all the girls that hung on him during the signing. A chuckle passed his closed lips, sounding more like a cough, as he thought about his and Bill's previous conversation, when they were hauled up in the closet.

I know you are looking at me, would like to tell me what it is you are staring at?” Tom asked, a slight tone of frustration in his words. Georg laughed, softly, and this caused Tom to open his eyes, once more. He glanced around the room, finding not only Georg, but Bill and Gustav as well, staring at him. Each holding a similar smirk.

Is there something on my face? In my teeth? What the hell is so funny?” Tom's sudden blurt of possibilities caused the others in the room to burst out in a round of laughter. Tom's face grew red, but this time with aggravation instead of embarrassment. He gripped the arms of the chair and sat up, leaning forward slightly. He eyed each member frantically, just wanting someone to tell him what exactly is so funny. He huffed and crossed his arms, letting his lower lip pop out into the signature pout his Bill was known for. Bill couldn't help the smile and gentle “awe” that passed through him. Gustav finally decided enough was enough on the torture they were obviously putting him through, and cleared his throat.

When did you start wearing lip gloss Tom?” Tom's eyes narrowed, not understanding what exactly the drummer was getting at. He furrowed his brow and tilted his head, hoping there would be some elaboration. Gustav shook his head when he realized that the young man did not get what he was saying. Georg sat back and patted the guitarist on the shoulder.

You're lips, man, they are glossed. Just want to know when you started wearing. Always thought it was just Bill who wore the make-up.”

Tom stiffened and let his tongue dart out, running a strip across his lower lip, before darting back in and clicking his tongue against the roof of his mouth. Clearly feeling the slight slickness and light flavor of Bill's favorite lip gloss. Tom's eyes widened in horror, knowing that every single person at the signing would have seen the slight sheen to Tom's lower lip and would automatically start wondering why it was there. All the color in his face dropped as he lifted his sleeve, running it, harshly, along his lips. Wiping off all indications of the lip gloss as best he could. When he felt that it was all removed, he lowered his arm and looked, hopefully, at this younger brother.

Its all gone Tomi.” The sudden ashen look diminished and his color returned. He was going to keep his fingers crossed that no one else had noticed this mishap. Bill gently leaned over, licking his plush lips as he inched closer and closer to his twins beautiful face. He let his tongue slip through his lips and licked a strip across his lower lip before laying his mouth softly on the shell of his left ear.

But you should have kept it on, I thought it was kind of hot.” And as he pulled back, the younger boy winked at his brother, before standing and walking to the bathroom. Leaving his brother to gap at his slowly disappearing behind and rummage through his purse, looking for that promising stick of lip gloss.

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