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ok... i am 11 weeks pregnant...My divorce is not over and me and my boyfriend are massively on the rocks. He is from guatemala...we used to work at the same place and a couple of weeks after he got fired i found out i was pregnant. go figure right? i found out at 7 weeks. and at first he was happy. but somewhat indifferent. then he started getting mean. there was even the time @ halloween that he told me i was a no good woman b/c i was taking my 3 year old trick or treating instead of going to church. well, he broke up with me and i cried and cried b/c i can barely take care of my 3 yr old alone. how will i take care of 2?! well, i took her trick o treting and she had a blast. i got home and she was asleep and he came in after church wit an attitude and is telling me that his pastor told him halloween is satanic devilhahaha. and again that i'm a no good woman b/c halloween is important to me instead of church. well, i had kind of resigned to the fact that he was leavig me. either that or i was just numb and i say "so what happens with ur baby?" and he had the nerve to look at me and say "when you go in the hospital you txt me and i come watch you" hell naw!!! so i say "what about after tha hospital. and after tht got thru his thick dumb skull he had the balls to look at me and say "ITS YOUR BABY ITS YOUR PROBLEM, ITS NOT MY PROBLEM" i said give me my damn house key and get the hell outa my house. well, we have gotten back to gether since then. but he started getting mean again. aparently i'm a lazy cheating no good woman and a bad mom to my 3 year old b/c i put her in time out and get onto her when she does things shes not supposed to. and i talked to him just the other day and was breakin up wit him and he says so are you my gf or not. and i said i don't know. i want to because we are having a baby but since i got pregnant you have gotten so mean. you accuse me of cheating, you tell me i'm lazy and no good and i can't take it anymore. and he went thru ithe I promises : i promise i will change blah blah blah. and i said. ok.... i will watch you.(i didnt tell him how long hehehe) and if you change and stop being an ass all the time and so mean. maybe i will be your girlfriend. but if you don't i can't b/c i just can't take it anymore.

did i do the right thing? shrugging

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Nov. 20, 2010 at 12:19 AM

honestly, I think you should just kick him to the curb. it sounds like he is an ass and your 3 year old don't need to see that. the whole Halloween thing, that can over looked, because everyone has their own opinions about that. But the verbal abuse isn't ok. You and your children deserve better and can find better.

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Nov. 20, 2010 at 12:37 AM

He doesn't sound like he's going to change. Look into other options and just ditch him once and for all. I'd document anything negative he says, that way later if he decides to be spiteful and go for custody you have words that may help prevent that (I don't know if legally it will help, but it might, and it couldn't hurt to have it if you need it.)

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