My day started at almost noon. For some reason my alarm didn't go off and I awoke only when nature was calling. Luckily this was my day off work. I turned on the TV and watched CSI for an hour, during the commercial  I microwaved some coffee and booted my computer to browse through that for a while. I went back and forth between facebook and cafe mom. I did the family feud game on face book and the birthday games here on cafe mom. I'm not usually lucky so I'm crossing my fingers I win something. At about 3 pm my daughter came home from college. Now I finally have my car. We share my car as I'm a nice mom who hopes and prays that she graduates and gets a good job soon hence the reason why I let her use my car. I grabbed the keys before she could say " ma, I need to go.." and drove to my bank to deposit my paycheck. Do you know I saw flowers blooming? Nice but out of place in this chilly weather. Pretty pink ones on a bush. The air was filled with smoke as the swamp is on fire near here. How a swamp can burn is beyond my recollection but the smoky hazy air gave realization to the fact. Then I finished up my thanksgiving shopping and went home. so that is my day in every boring detail. I am now watching Without a trace, I have no clue what its about because I'm not really watching it. My kids are all asleep. can you imagine three teenagers sleeping at this hour on a friday night. me neither.

well, I'd better go so I can bore you all another time.

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