While my friends in Virginia bundle up in heavy jackets (not to mention those in Ukraine and Russia!), we still bask in the warm Californian sun. Some days are hot enough for a much-desired air-conditioning.

However, nights are a totally different story. We've started turning on a heater a while back as some mornings feel nothing short of freezing. Those of you who have kids are probably familiar with a perpetual struggle to keep your little ones tucked in and under covers. Both of my kids, Bogdan and Daryna, manage to wiggle their way from under the blankets and ofter wake up very cold (either crying in the middle of the night or simply shivering in the morning with inevitably runny noses). 

Last year I invested in "wearable blankets" which kids put over their pajamas at nighttime. This year Bogdan is still wearing the one from the last year, and I got Daryna the one in 3T (these blankets can be easily purchased one-two sizes up):
Halo Innovations Big Kids SleepSack Wearable Blanket Comfort Mesh, Blue, 2T- 3T    Blankeaze Green Star 12-18 mos. (22-27 lbs.)

I personally consider it a life-saver in our house. Since I put it over kids' pajamas, it rarely requires laundering and stays functional for quite some time. I still cover kids with a thin blanket for added warmth, but I am no longer worried about kids getting cold in the middle of the night.

As for their little feet, I found wonderful slippers on Amazon which I believe will be our new favorite for a while. I got those during a 30% promotion (unfortunately, over now) and felt a winner. Bogdan and Daryna totally loved them, put them on and KEPT them on for the whole day. They are warm but not to the point to make feet sweat; soft enough to be comfortable, yet sturdy enough not to fly off the feet; and safe on our slippery tile kitchen floors due to the rubber outsole. Even Daryna keeps those on! So I give them two thumbs up!
Foamtreads Toddler Nipper Slipper,Red,6 M Toddler
Now I feel ready to face the cold Californian nights and chilly days. As long as my kids are cozy and warm (and happy and healthy!), no winter is too harsh (not that we face this option in our sunny Orange County, of course ;)).

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