Well with Thanksgiving being next week I HAD plans on getting the house, meal and everything ready for a nice celebration only to have quite a few small things put major kinks in my plans.  I know they say that nothing ever works out or goes the way you want but certain things are in our power to stop them from happening. 

This whole situation that started out with a few small things quickly barreled out of control into a fight with my husband this morning.  Last week at the insistance of my BIL and SIL my dh took vacation to go and help clean out my MIL apartment because she has been moved into a nursing home.  Well my dh brought back things from the apartment that I simply DID NOT WANT!  We have a small enough house as it is and we do not need anymore furniture/tables/filing cabinets, ect... 

He brought all this back and put it in this house and NEVER went through any of it which then left the task to me to go through because he knows that I can not stand clutter and disarray in the least bit.  I now have inherited a filing cabinet that fell over on me when I opened it up BUT he can not understand why I don't want it in the house.  He brought a hope chest back that we have no room for upstairs which in turn he put it downstairs in the kids play area leaving NO ROOM for them to even play in the already small room!  I have a chair in my small living room that is now taking up the area that our tree is supposed to be set up in.  We have pictures and paperwork and pots and pans and china sets...yes I could go on and on literally.  This may seem like small things but between having to deal with the mess and clutter myself and having to look at this stuff that I DO NOT WANT in my house and a whole myriad of other stresses that come with running a household I calmly told my dh this morning that I want it out of my house period.  It can go in the garage or it can go in the shed or it can go off to Good will for all I care.  I just want it gone like a freight train!  To top it all off I have my dd coming home from college with 2 of her friends which means I will have 9 people and my house is not ready for guests!  There are still things everywhere from this crap he brought back and he has not helped with cleaning any of it up at all. 

SO I managed to majorly aggravate my dh because I spoke my mind and told him how I felt.  I seem to remember our marriage counselor that we saw many years ago always told us that communication was an important aspect of marriage.  He told us to keep that line of communication constantly open.  Well it seems to have backfired on me a bit this fine Saturday morning which is why I am writing this post.  I have calmed down now but I am not sorry for telling my dh how I felt. 

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Nov. 20, 2010 at 8:08 AM

try to bput eh stuff somwhere   can you afford a storage room  ?      maybe the stuff is emoitional for the relativves tha moved and somone else will want it 

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Nov. 20, 2010 at 9:34 AM

I have been in your position. And it wasn't easy. I understand that they want to keep some things, but often they fail to realize that sometimes it requires an entire upheaveal of the home just to find a place to store the stuff.


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Nov. 20, 2010 at 1:33 PM

Ladies thank you for responding. 

We are going to rent a storage room for the things that he still wants.  I am at the point in my life where I am just tired of to much stuff.  I am in the process of downsizing as it is and it seems I get rid of things only for me end up having more come in.

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