I'm going to try to make a long master list of things I'm thankful for by adding some to it everyday. I'm not going to put an "end date" on it, because I want to force myself to realize how much I've got to be thankful for.

I'm thankful for:

  1. My wonderful husband
  2. The love my husband and I have for each other
  3. My mother and father in law
  4. Coffee (it might sound silly, but I really am thankful for it!)
  5. Our wood stove, without which I'd be freezing everyday and night
  6. My sisters and brothers in law. (Tammy, Amy, Jason, Kevin, Glenn, and Doug)
  7. My sisters and "Sisters" (Sheena, Mary Ellen, Alicia, Kelsey and Sade)
  8. My "brothers" (Derrick, Bryan and Corey)
  9. My most handsome and beautiful Nephews and Niece (Jonah, Javen, Zeke, Louis and Lily)
  10. My extended family  (both on my husband's side and mine)
  11. Savage
  12. Dani
  13. Jeni
  14. Amanda
  15. Heather
  16. Annie
  17. Tessa
  18. Quinn
  19. Music
  20. The GREAT bath I had last night (It was soooo relaxing and exactly what I needed!)
  21. Our Puppy (Brutus)
  22. Our two cows (Dinner - The Bull and Snack - The Cow)
  23. The fact that I learned how to use a sewing machine :)
  24. Learning to manage my household chores easier, and actually get them done
  25. PBRM!!!! (Proud Beautiful Redneck Moms - a group here on CM)
  26. HW!!! (Hillbilly Women - Another group here on CM)
  27. Susie Homemakers (Yup, another group! lol)
  28. Bully/Bashing Free CafeMom (And yet another! lol)
  29. A dryer that actually works!
  30. My shape-ups shoes (I wouldn't be able to move without them...my back was getting bad!)
  31. My OBGYN (Yes, I'm very thankful for her...she could've treated me as if I was crazy, but she didn't, and I love her for it!)
  32. Getting a story published in a magazine :) (YAY!)
  33. My finger healing up...even though I still don't have any feeling in the tip. (I almost cut the top of it off with a knife. Cut down to the bone and had 7 stitches)
  34. @Work...without whom, my dad wouldn't have a job, and I never would've met my husband. (@Work is a temp agency. My dad is trying to get an office started in VA and I was/am a temp when I want to work...My uncles own the company)
  35. Lori-Hyder Carter (for loving and caring about me even when I was being a stupid teenager)
  36. Barbara :)
  37. Rochelle being so happy!
  38. Phyllis :) (My bestest friend besides my hubby lol)
  39. My cousin Chelsea's bf for making her so happy!
  40. Country life...it's so peaceful!

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Nov. 22, 2010 at 7:53 AM

LOL I love the cows names!!! This is a great list. I like this idea.

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