I have a question about breastfeeding, I want to know how some moms feel about the whole situation. I have never breastfed before and was really thinking about doing it with my last child. I think it really bothers me. Has anyone ever just pumped and fed the baby that way? Is it wrong to feel uncomfortable about having a baby on your breast? I know I want to try and feed my baby this way this time, but think I want to pump and then feed. Give me some ideas on how to deal with this topic. Thank you.

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Nov. 20, 2010 at 9:36 AM

I'll start by saying it's not wrong to feel uncomfortable to have a baby on your breast.  Lots of women have this problem and lots of women don't breastfeed because of it.  As for just pumping and feeding the baby that way I know it can be done.  It's just a lot harder.  I've heard that some women who do it begin to resent the pump.

My best suggestion is to contact your local La Leche League.  If they're a good group (and most are) they'll have the information you're looking for at their fingertips.  I'd encourage you to try feeding at the breast a few times before you decide it's really not for you.  In the end it's important that you do what's best for both you and your baby.

Good Luck.  :)

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Nov. 20, 2010 at 10:06 AM

I breast fed all my kids and loved it.  It is one of the most amazing and natural things to do.  It was a wonderful bonding time with the babies.  It was easy to do..always handy, no bottles to wash. No formula to keep fresh and it didn't cost a thing!  My kids also weened themselves

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