I really though labor was on, but...no.

So, emotional and mental talk down this morning.  Abandon the excitement and go on to another day of pain and waiting.

I am happy that it is windy and stormy outside, but i also wish I could be outside ANYWHERE and not locked in my apartment to wallow in this boredom, cuz all it will do is cause me anxiety and depression.  I have Thnaxgiving dinner with my momand her hubby tonight...  but what can I do through the day??  Yes, I have two little boys I can play wih, but honestly I am just no in the mood.  I know i need to try... 

I am really surprised I didnt have this baby.  Tha pain was what I remember from my last labor...  I cant imagine it dialated me more than I am..  can you walk around at a 5, 6 or 7 and just "be"..lol?


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