Ok, to all you wonderful ladies who were talking to me and having me in your prayers for my surgery, i thank you! however i got the flu about the time for surgery so we pushed it out two weeks....and guess what! I am now 6 days late for my period  (and they had to push surgery out more to make sure i had a period cuz cant have a tummy tuck if preggo) and guess what!! I am taking the pee test tomorrow morning, but im sure i am! Have had sore boobs for 4 days, stomach a little bloated (and also fyi i NEVER have any time of soreness in my boobs before or during a period) i got sick twice yesterday, Ive been a little extra tired lately and i seem to really only want salty food......so im 99% sure im preggo! God works in mysterious ways!


We kept wondering if we were meant to have another beautiful child before i went through wiht my surgery, and guess what! looks like that is exactly what is supposed to happen, we were meant to have two! and yes its kinda sad i cant have my surgery now for liek another year or more, but hey,.......IM SO DARN EXCITED THAT I AM GONNA BE A MOTHER TO TWO!

SO...i will post an update as soon as its official...even though if u understand this, i just "feel" preggo!



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