So, on thursday night, I started having contractions about 4-5 minutes apart, my friday morning, they'd stopped but i'd dilated from 1cm and 2cm in cervical length, to 4centimeters dilated to .5 in cervical length with a bulging water bag and her having dropped and wedging herself into my pelvis.

Friday night, I had the same exact run of contractions during the evening and the middle of the night, and by morning, they had stopped again, so I slept well and got rested...

today is saturday. I have no idea what exactly the contractions did last night, but I'll be calling my midwife today to figure out what our game plan is since I think they were doing something, but I can't be sure of that until I talk to her and probably have her check me to see what our game plan should be for the next few days.

As far as she's concerned, i'm in early, slow-progessive labor. Whether or not I labor like this all the way to transition, or even through transition, its up in the air on what my body is going to do.

Many breech labors often labor differently than head down, and since I don't know what my natural pattern might be since my last pregnancy was induced with pitocin, I'm just having to go off my gut here.

So, I decided that now that its a new day, its cold, but sunny, its a great day to go into labor.

So thats how I started my mindset for today.

I ate a bowl of shredded wheat, for energy (plus my coffee and chocolate just tasted gross to me this morning.) took all my prenatal vitamins and junk....

Then I went and took a shower. I washed my hair really good, shaved everything, then did my makeup and got myself all pretty feeling. as soon as I did all this, the contractions started again.

Whether or not they will progress, that remains to be seen.

I will be calling my midwife today to talk to her about options, and when she wants to see me, or schedule an apt.

i'm out of black and blue cohash tincture which is supposed to be taken in a 1-time large dose before starting the 3 hour every 15 minute doses of cotton root tincture along with 2-3 hours of pumping.

So, I need to call and talk to her about getting more of that from her, maybe for sunday... take a day off from all the herbs, and just pump and walk around and orgasm for the hormones to increase contractions.

I feel good, my house is relatively organized and ready. There's nothing missing... except progressive contractions. They tend to go in spurts, and I need to talk to her about that to figure out what that means....

My books don't really talk about women who aren't text-book labor, so I'm not really sure how we handle it, other than just having her check me every couple of days and go about my business around the house until it's "time".

Baby's moving great, and i've been monitoring her heart rate periodically with my hand-held doppler just to make sure she's doing okay with the contractions. (she is!)

The nice thing about spending 6 weeks in the hospital for pre-term labor, is I had a lot of opportunities to ask what the range of "normal" is for babies during labor and what their heart rates should do and things like that. They even showed me what is concerning to them dip-rate wise and that its normal for contractions to cause a temporary dip in their heart rate... the key is making sure it goes back up AFTER the contraction.

So, I feel pretty comfortable just puttering along in a long, slow labor at home, making slow progression... I just need to know when i've progressed enough its time for her to come over.

A lot of women with breeches, labor slow and long.... and often rest in-between contraction series.

I'll admit, reading ina may's spirutual midwifery book (I got it specifically because it included breech stories/deliveries.) and reading about how women labor differently and how some labor like I am right now and it does eventually progress to a baby...

It was rather shocking to read how some women never felt the urge to push the way the books describe, or feel transition the way the books describe, or have anything "text book".

I think its safe to say this entire pregnancy has fallen out of "text book" range... so why wouldn't my labor? LOL

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Nov. 20, 2010 at 12:52 PM

Yay labor! Hope it all goes smooth and fast.  Still cant wait or the pics you and baby are gonna be so beautiful!

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Nov. 20, 2010 at 3:49 PM

Im excited for you!  I was waiting to hear your update :)

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Nov. 21, 2010 at 8:44 PM

yay so excited for your labor!!!

it sound a little like prodromal labor, but I could be totally off base.... I hope your midwife was able to shed some light on the subject for you, but aside from that so far your gut has been a good guide, so I'd expect that it will continue to be that way :-)

best of luck for a beautiful non text book labor and delivery  :-)

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