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We at Country Connections wish all of Cafemom a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving Holiday!

Please come and Help us VOTE this week for our monthly Avatar.  Here is a sample of one of the photos to choose from. All Cafemoms may help with this and you don't even need to join the group to do so. Thank you in advance. 

Each week we will feature either one of the United States or a US Territory, in alphabetical order. This week is American Samoa week come check it out.  (you may need to join the group to see more) 

A new game that began this past week is  Hidden Pictures (group members only allowed to play)

QOTD 11/20

Lighthouse of the week is from New Zealand.

Thank you for stopping in this week and we hope you enjoy all the new posts that have been added. If you don't see something you'd like to chat about, feel free to add your own.

Message to all GROUP MEMBERS; Please try to make a point to stop in soon as the Activation will be changing to 60 days from 90 beginning Jan 1, 2011. Thanks Ladies.

"Every day is a Beautiful Day"! (our new Group motto)

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