Well, i know it's weird but we have been raised catholic more or less and  I am indigenous so i picked up more spirituality from my grandmother but... turns out he is an ATHEIST. Odd but i was shocked. I don't know but i have a lady of Guadalupe outside our door and he has said Lil things here and there but yesterday during our night out he finally told me that the whole priest thing just shattered his belief in a god. It was weird conversation.

Maybe for many a religion talk is no big deal but for me it was a conversation because we have a child that although I don't consistently address religion we do talk here and there about it. But i also explain to him what my grandmother taught me. Which I guess is more non christian as well. But the complete denial or lack of belief in something made me wonder.  Actually in a way this has made him more happy. He is more accepting of people. LOL I guess it's nice but we did discuss he would not totally deny what i was teaching our son until he is say 15 yrs old but i even question if I shall be comfortable with it then. He says relax but i find myself apprehensive and i don't know why.

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