So, I have a rant...

I am pro-life. I feel that every baby should have a right to life. BUT,

 I am not "anti-choice" or "anti-woman"

I do not bomb/attack Planned Parenthood's or other abortion clinics...nor agree with the people who do...

I do not sit out side them and protest and scare the poor girls who do go in there looking for help.

 I do not agree of the shooting of the abortionist in his church.

I do not push my views onto others...

I do not try make other women and girls feel bad about having abortions.

I do not always agree with the Pro-life movement tatics and ALL their beliefs.

I am FOR birth control and easier access to it.

I am FOR Sex Education in schools.


I could go on. I just feel like once I say I am Pro-life...automatically those listed everything I am about. And I am here to say no, not ALL pro-life believers feel the same and share all the same views. We are not all crazy birth control haters, PP bombers, abortionist shooters/threateners...and so on. So please...get over yourselves and maybe get to know a person before you judge and tell me hateful things about me that are not even true.


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Apr. 28, 2011 at 10:58 AM

I feel the same way.  Huggs hun...

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