Our Approach

From research and development and manufacturing to sales management, marketing, customer service and our many other operations, our 42,000 Avon associates worldwide play an integral role in our success. We attract passionate and dedicated individuals from every market, and we seek to help them to reach their highest potential as part of our team.

We recognize that every associate brings unique skills and experiences to our organization, and we seek to leverage these differences in the most effective ways possible. Just as we unite our associates through their similarities, we also recognize and appreciate their differences and seek to create an environment conducive to individual and collective excellence. We are committed to maintaining a work environment that affords all associates opportunities for development and advancement. Our vision is for all associates to feel comfortable enough to contribute their thoughts and ideas for the mutual benefit of all associates and the organization. We are also committed to maintaining a culture that supports associates as they balance their many, and sometimes competing, professional and personal responsibilities.

Because we seek to leverage the diversity of all of our associates, diversity and inclusion are fully embedded in our corporate culture. Andrea Jung, now in her ninth year as our chairman and CEO, is consistently recognized not only for the vision and perspective she brings to our company, but also as one of the foremost executives and one of the most powerful women in business. Her leadership and example are an inspiration to all Avon employees as we strive for our own personal excellence.

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