Ok for the first time I have a good and happy journal. I did some new things. I saw this video from the advice of someone on here and it helped me start to open up my mind and remove the negative thoughts I had about myself and my situation. I started to listening to music and it has helped me open up to. I can remember all the fun times I had while listening to certain songs and hanging with friends.


To help raise money I am offering certain services (hair braiding and childcare). I had one client and almost had her in here. Before that I realize fitting other people into my schedule is kinda irratating. I don't like waiting or dependng on someone else. lol I know I want their money but it is like if the money could just drop from the sky without me having to deal with them would be nice :) lol

It's funny because I am not a hair person. I mean i can do hair but I never done anybodies hair except my sister and like two other cousins. I just braided my hair and it came out really well. I was nervouse about doing the same on someone else head because I have only done it once. So I guess I avoid a sticky situation.

I still have to find $40 for my phone bill...ugh I need a sugar daddy.


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Nov. 20, 2010 at 7:02 PM

don't we all honey... don't we all.  lol.  

I pick up some extra money tutoring when I can- it's not often because my schedule is crazy... but I have been able to gather some people who are studying for big tests or for homework help after school.... that may be something you are interested as well.  :D 

I found out a few months ago some cool money saving tips too... if your interested in them... I found out how much further I could stretch my dollar so I dont need as much EXTRA money lol.  (message me if your interested :D)

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