So for today's adventure, Morgan and I decided we would go check out the Century III mall in West Mifflin.  My gps decided to put me on the Pittsburgh Turnpike. I've never been on a toll road before. So I paid $1.30 to drive half of a mile and take my exit. Then I had to pee really bad, so we found burlington coat factory. Of course my luck it must have been ghetto people day. Wow! So we finally make it to the mall. Nothing spectacular there. I ended up buying hubby a terrible towel from the Home Town Sports store. Anyway I have decided that if I'm going to the mall I will just drive to Robinson at least I know how to get there. It took forever for us to get back to walmart in Washington. By the time I got to walmart I just wanted to come home. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. We will see what happens.

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