Easy Turkey Crafts with Pinecones By: Denise Oliveri Making easy turkey crafts with pinecones is a favorite Thanksgiving craft among kids. Here is one way to create this cute little guy that can be used as a table centerpiece or a decoration in any part of your house around the Thanksgiving holiday. Craft Difficulty Rating: Easy You Will Need: * Pine cone (either find one outside or you can buy them at a craft store) * Feathers, assorted colors * Scrap pieces of orange, yellow, red and black foam * Glue Instructions: 1. Cut out foam pieces to make the turkey's beak (orange), wattle (red) and eyes (black with yellow circles). 2. Glue the pieces on to the turkey to create his face. 3. Glue feathers on the turkey by placing a small dab of glue onto the bottom of a feather and sticking the feather into the back of the turkey. Use multiple feather colors to create his tail feathers. Let everything dry. 4. Your turkey is done. Interesting fact: Only male turkeys have a wattle, so if you want a girl turkey for this project, leave off the red wattle.

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Nov. 22, 2010 at 8:03 AM

That sounds super fun, Coleen!

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