I would never thought I'll have a baby at the age of 22. At first, I thought.. OMG! I'm too young, what will my family think or do. My first pregnancy, I had a miscarriage. It was the worst day of my life for me and my hubby. As time flies by, the following month, I ended up going to the doctor for another test turns out I became pregnant again. 

Once again, we were all happy. It actually took me 5 months later to tell my Mom and it was also, on Mother's Day. I was so nervous. Probably, because, what she wanted for me is to finish college and then get married afterwords, have a family.

4 months later, on the 25th of August. Our handsome son, DeAndre' finally came. It only took me 5 hours in labor and everything turned out very well. It HURT very bad but, its all worth it. :) He is now 3 months, growing so big, and trying to talk.

We are soo blessed and happy to have DeAndre' 

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