As the holidays come up on us, I ask myself, If America is so rich why are so many, many people struggling .Families that have only a mom, who works two jobs just to feed her kids. a family who cant get help cause the system does not work in that way. At work I listen to the ladies talk about how much money they have spent or are spending for their kids and families for Christmas. But yet there are so  manythat can not afford to do that, even with charities like toys for tots or secret Santa funds. There will be millions of families who will not open a present on Christmas morning. some wont even put up a tree or decorations cause they don't see the point in it.  Many more are homeless living in cars, shelters or no where at all just drifting till they find a place to rest their heads. and what about the elderly in the nursing homes, the ones who only want something simple as a pair of warm socks or a blanket to cover their laps while they watch a movie.  It seems to me that its all about the glam, the money the pizzazz, people say, " oh well I bought a gift for a little kid off the angle tree at walmart" yes you did and because of you on little child will have at least one thing to open under the tree, they will believe that Santa does truly exist just for one more year. But some people dont help out they dont stop and look at the angel trees they just go spend more money on stuff that honestly their children may play with a couple times then toss aside. some people make a big deal out of donating like they want the whole world to know they did that. then some we never find like the man who drops gold dollars in the salvation army kettles. or the little old ladies of the church who leave baskets of food and gifts on your doorsteps in the middle of the night. this year for my children Christmas will be small and they know it. yet we will still find time to help other's to, to make a small difference in someones life. to make one more child believe. so to all you who are prepared to race to the stores and stand in line on black friday, trying to find that just so prefect gift for your family. help someone else out, make their holidays a lil special, help them believe in miracles just one more year, it don't have to be much and every little bit helps. America may be rich but it seems it is more rich on the poor then on people with money.

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