Just wanted to write a quick post about my little angel!

Miss Shaylee Mai was born on Friday, October 29th at 10:22AM weighing in at 8lbs even and 19.5 inches long. 

Labor/delivery was EXTREMELY different than it was with Dylan!!  I had been having contractions since Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.  I called my midwife and she had basically just told me that if they got any more painful to come in, but since they weren't too intense that I could just stay at home for a while longer.  Thursday morning I had gotten the "bloody show" (never happened with Dylan), so I kind of freaked out and called Dave at work and told him I needed to go get checked out.  We went in and I was 4cm dilated, they monitored me for an hour and I hadn't progressed at that point so they let me go home to labor at home for a while.  My contractions were starting to get worse and I wasn't able to get any rest, so at around 11:30PM I called my midwife back and she said to come in so she could check me and see if I had progressed and depending on what my status was we were going to discuss what to do at that point.  After I got to the hospital she checked me and I was at 5cm, so she said she wanted to keep me.  I asked if there was anything I could have to take the edge off of the pain because my contractions were getting really uncomfortable.  I had some pain meds and I tried to get some sleep around 1-2AM.  At around 5AM I was lying in bed and felt something "pop" and then I started "leaking"...  I called the nurse and told her I thought my water had broken (it did!)..  My contractions were starting to hurt pretty bad at that point so I asked to get in the tub for a bit (this helped a LOT with Dylan)..  Tub didn't help AT ALL and I was seriously in a lot of pain.  Midwife came in and checked me and I was at 6cm and in the worst pain I have ever felt in my entire life.  It was absolutely awful.  I literally felt like I was going to DIE, lol.  I got really faint as well and felt like I might pass out at any moment.  It was crazy.  I asked for an epidural at that point because I just couldn't take it anymore.  I never thought I would have asked for an epidural, but in that moment I would take anything to get rid of the pain.  So I had it done...  I was so scared!!  Surprisingly it didn't hurt at all..  Or maybe it was just because I was already in so much pain that I didn't feel it, who knows.  After that it was almost immediate relief.  I finally could get some rest (it was around 7AM at this point).  My legs felt numb and I definitely wouldn't have been able to stand, but all of the pain was gone.  All I could feel was some pressure.  The only complaint I had was that since I couldn't move my butt started to hurt from getting numb and just being in one spot for a long period of time lol!!  Anyway, I was able to rest for a while and let my body do most of the work and at 10:10AM the nurse said it was about time to start pushing and called for my midwife.  The midwife got there at 10:15AM and started preparing for delivery.  I started pushing at around 10:17AM and at 10:22AM Shaylee was born!  It was super fast (with Dylan it took over an hour to push him out!).  She was perfectly healthy, no problems or concerns!  They did an hour of skin-to-skin bonding time between Shaylee and I before they did any of the weight/height/etc measurements.  They said that they had started doing that (so long as the baby appeared healthy) because it was important to bond with the baby right away and whatnot.  After all that they went ahead and bathed her for me and did her measurements and foot prints.  The hospital stay wasn't as great as it was with Dylan, my room wasn't super nice and a couple of the nurses got on my nerves.  Other than that it was all-in-all a good experience (despite all the pain lol).

Anyway, just wanted to post my birth story!  It's been 3 weeks already and Shaylee is a great baby.  I'm not sure if she has colic (idk how colic works or if it's something that can be "had").  She's been really fussy the last couple of days, really gassy, crying a lot hard to console.  If it continues I might have to take her to the doctors this week to see if everything is ok!!  Stay tuned!


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