“I hate kids,” she said. This made me laugh because I was thinking the very same thing. Oh, no, not your kids – they’re great! No. I’m talking about those anonymous kids who always seem to have a total melt down cow moment just when you’re trying for a little “me time,” perusing the mall or favourite book store.

“Nooooo,” he squawked over and over again until I thought my head would explode. He had a pretty good set of lungs on him, considering that he was at the front of the store while I was at the very back. “No. No. Noooo,” he continued. Was somebody beating this kid? Where is his mother? Why isn’t she beating him?! LOL

I’m just kidding about the beatings part – I’ve never beaten anyone’s child, not even my own. Not that I haven’t thought about it on occasion, but let’s get real, we’ve all thought about it. And, if I was truly honest, my son has been that anonymous kid from time to time, causing me, his mother, to receive the evil stink eye from everyone within ear shot.

During those moments I would’ve willingly given over my kid if you thought you were the better parent. No problem. Take him! Consider him yours.

See that’s the thing, we’re always the best parent when they’re not ours – the shoulda, woulda, coulda of judgement pierced between our lips. “Well, when my son did that I sent him to the car!” Don’t you just love nostalgia. Was that before 1985? Because anytime after and you’d be arrested for parking your kid in the parking lot.

And usually you were at the store for a critical reason – like picking up dinner or an outfit for the little devil to wear to Grandma’s house the very next day. You didn’t have time to come back and try again – it was now or never, so everybody get out of my way and for the love of God, let me in first at the cash register!

But I will say, now that my son is 17, it’s not him having a melt down cow, it’s usually me, caused by him, but I’m the one doing the “chicken” as my neighbour calls it – finger wagging out in front as I cluck-cluck-cluck my disdain. “Do you have to do this here,” he moans. “Yes I do,” I shrilly shriek, receiving the evil stink eye from him this time.

Well, I guess I should have more patience and understanding for others, since I’ve been through it myself – the over tired and fed up kid, screaming his head off because he wants to be anywhere but there. I get it. But I do sometimes wish more stores had an activity centre while mom shops section. It seems like a natural, just like preferred parking for moms with strollers has become. Awesome!


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Nov. 21, 2010 at 2:42 PM

I loved your post, so true what you wrote lol

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