I don't laugh.

I don't cry.

I don't feel others pain.

I think my religion is the only religion getting into Heaven (actually I believe my relgion has nothing to do with it....faith does).

I don't eat pork (Mark 7:18 Jesus says it is not what we put into our bodies that makes us unclean).

That I don't dance (mind you I'm not at the bar dancing with every stranger that asks (which has nothing to do with my religion but that I'm a married woman who sees her place at home however I can dance and act goofy with my children).

 I was informed Southern Baptist are the worse religion out there. We are arrogant and think we are the only ones that know the way to Heaven and everything I posted in blue they informed me Southern Baptist don't do. I push my religion down no ones throat but do not think I will stand there and smile sweetly at you as you tell me how your religion is better then mine.....who is arrogant, who thinks their religion is better?

It has nothing to do with religion it has to do with individuality and the way you as a person are, Christian or not.

Have a blessed day,


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Nov. 21, 2010 at 6:56 PM

So true!  I have been asked that before... if I can dance!  haha...my daughter takes dance lessons too.  :)

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Jan. 2, 2011 at 9:34 PM

HI 5 girl!!!!!!!! I am a southern baptist too but I don't tell people because they have so many terrible ideas about what we must be like.. :-P In reality they have no idea. I just say I am a Christian, or that I am freinds with Jesus..

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